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Marmolejo is a municipality in the La Campiña region, which is located to the west of the region, bordering the province of Córdoba. The northern half of the municipal area is the mountain of Sierra Morena, with a portion of this area integrated into the Sierras de Andújar Natural Park.

In this place and in this unique environment is our Hostal Plaza. It will be one step away from the heart of Sierra Morena and very close to the different tourist sites that this enclave offers and to be able to enjoy nature in the open air and to practice hiking, as well as being able to enjoy the closeness to the province of Córdoba.

You can visit the different tourist points of the municipality and its surroundings:

Pilgrimage Virgin of the head

The Pilgrimage of Our Lady of the Head is celebrated the last Sunday of the month of April, in which the faithful make a visit to the sanctuary located on the hill of Cabezo. The natural park of the Sierra de Andújar gives a unique framework, a unique pilgrimage.

It is the oldest pilgrimage in Spain, and one of the most multitudinous. The city receives during these dates the visit of relatives, friends and pilgrims coming from all places.

Corpus Christi

The carpets drawn on the floor and filled with color, together with fabrics, pots, vases, scrolls and a lot of good work by the organization and the neighbors guarantees the continuity of a tradition that is getting bigger every year.

His departure, traditional, from the Parish of Ntra de la Asunción, Square of the Poet José García Nieto, Conrado Blanco, Plaza Alforjas for Poetry, Miguel de la Guardia, Callejón de Pulido, Antón Pérez, Repullete, Ángel, Plaza del Cerro del Águila, Méndez Núñez, San Rafael, Toledillo, Regent Molina Valero, Carmen, San Fernando, Don Ambrosio to finish in the Juan XXIII square.

Castle of Aragonesa

It is located on the border between Jaén and Córdoba, in the Vega del Guadalquivir, near one of the branches of the Roman road that traced the river. The castle is located in the middle of the olive grove, with a hamlet of the XIX century in ruins, attached to one of its sides.

The name of Castillo de La Aragonesa is given by the estate where it is located, La Aragonesa, and by him Admiral of Aragon, Don Joaquin Antonio Jiménez de Palafox, sixth Marquis of Ariza and ninth Marquis of La Guardia de Jaén who was owner of her and lord of his Castle in 1725.

Spa Marmolejo

The spa is two kilometers from Marmolejo, where there are different springs of which already in 1816 a doctor spoke of the excellence of its waters.

Unas infraestructuras de estilo modernista en las que predominaba la inspiración en la naturaleza a la vez que se incorporaban novedades derivadas de la revolución industrial, como el acero y el cristal, y que ahora se pueden apreciar en los restaurados edificios, azulejos y piezas del balneario.